Laura Theodore

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The Critics are Talking!

“A formidable talent...a fully developed four-octave range and stylistic versatility that encompasses sophisticated pop-jazz, 1960’s soul music and big cabaret ballads.”
Stephen Holden, New York Times

“Her fans seem to think she is Streisand, Joplin, Lee, and Midler combined. (Maybe she’d better move to Carnegie Hall!)”
Liz Smith, The New York Daily News

“She has great range, with depths of coloratura highs...Theodore is triumphant!”
Allen Young, Variety

“Shows off her four-octave range, and versatile voice that manages to evoke such diverse ladies as Ella Fitzgerald, Sarah Vaughan, Joni Mitchell, and Patsy Cline...Don’t miss her!”
Bill Ervolino, The Record

“Electrifying! Mesmerising! Charismatic! of the most exciting musical performers I’ve seen.”
Dianne Zuckerman, Daily Camera

“The heat wave that swept through the area last week may very well have been caused by Laura Theodore. The torchy, bluesy chanteuse had things sizzling, turning in a performance that definitely turned up the heat. Theodore, who clearly specializes in jazz, tore the place up with high-octane improvisations on many well known tunes.... an unbelievable scat break by Theodore on the Happy Blues...dynamite scat break on It Don’t Mean A Thing.”
Bill VanSant, Essex Journal

“Laura Theodore could well be the Next Big Thing.”
David Sowd, The Beacon Journal

“Laura Theodore works her raunch and four-octave range on a rendition of Ball and Chain that could raise the dead.”
Elaine Dutka, Time Magazine

“She uses her love of music and rather amazing vocal skills and stylistic range as means of communication and to have evening full of energy and life.”
Roy Sanders, Back Stage

“Laura Theodore’s voice is a diverse instrument...spectacular range...wonderful musical moments!”
Sunsh Stein, Jazz Times

“Simply put, anyone who hasn’t seen Theodore perform owes it to themselves to see her in concert. Even for those who don’t appreciate jazz, Theodore’s sensational voice and unique style will leave a lasting impression. Truly a spectacular performance.”
Jeff Cummins, Essex Journal

“Laura Theodore’s voice is lined with velvet and versatility...fantastic four-octave range...”
Patricia Myers, Jazz Times

“She has a beautiful voice—her vocal quality has been compared to the likes of Barbra Streisand and Janis Joplin—a great choice for a jazz vocalist.”
Presenters Reports

“Laura Theodore has one of the most striking voices in jazz—a clear mezzo that drops unexpectedly into a rich and throaty tenor and soars upward again at the drop of a beat. Lovers of vocal jazz will enjoy this album.”
Rick Anderson, All Music Guide

“Her voice has a natural fullness to it, a deep contralto, onto which she sometimes sprinkles a little salt, and often aims for the sultry. . . . [I am] recommending this album to fans of jazz vocals.”
Cadence Jazz

“Laura Theodore has an unusual voice with a wide range and her intriguing disc is full of surprises. She sticks to standards and gives some of the songs unexpected treatments. What The World Needs Now Is Love is worth checking out.”
Scott Yanow, LA Jazz Scene

“Her style echoes the greats - Brice, Midler, Horne, Fitzgerald...Few singers can deliver the soul and substance of such music with the perfection of Laura Theodore.”
Elaine Liner, Dallas Observer

“Sings jazz with flair...enormous power, control and versatility.”
Russell Smith, Dallas Morning News

“The latest a singer named Laura Theodore who belts out songs with fervor and has a varied vocal range.”
Lisa Taylor, Dallas Times Herald

“If the ensemble has a star, it must surely be Laura Theodore.”
David Barbour, The New Manhattan Review

“Laura is one of the greatest singers I’ve heard in years.”
Jerry Ragovoy, The Denver Post

“An amalgam of the musical wisdom of the ages and the power of the present day sound. She’s an extraordinary four-octave singer who blends jazz, blues, soul and pop into seemingly the only possible expression.”
Curt Davis, The New York Post

“Her voice is so incredibly clear and powerful.... I don’t say this often, but Laura Theodore is wasting her time in cabaret and even in a hit Off Broadway show. Some A & R man somewhere is going to get smart and sign her up, and you won’t see her in anything smaller than the Meadowlands!”
Bob Harrington, Back Stage

“The possessor of a wide-ranging voice, which she enjoys using to its full effect, she has a take-charge manner that I like a lot - perhaps an idiosyncratic reaction to the flood of sometimes half-hearted young singers around these days. This bold approach never hurts the intentions of composers and lyricists, though. On one track she is accompanied only by Bergeron, on a few others by a trio of piano, bass and drums, but the majority of tracks are with Purefoy’s big band and the charts are there to be ripped into. Fiery and attention-grabbing playing and singing by musicians I will certainly seek out again. The core rhythm section is very good indeed and lift the singer in the small group and punch the big band along. Good one, musically, and good sound, too.”
Bruce Crowther, Jazz Journal International